Card Games for Kids

A child’s mind is constantly growing and developing. They require constant stimulation educationally in order to fully develop analytical and logical skills to their full potential. Of course, children would rather play games rather than read a book. However, if you allow them to spend their time playing mindless games that do not aid in their intellectual growth, they will not fully grow mentally.

Card games are especially easy to use as educational tools for children. Playing the right type of card games can significantly enhance a child’s mental calculating abilities, as well as problem solving skills.

Since card games involve numbers and a degree of mental calculation, math card games are to help children learn multiplication table, as well as hone their mental calculation skills that they constantly use.

An example of one educational game kids can play with cards is a game called “war.” The game requires a deck of cards for each team of two players. Before the game starts, children write Ace = 1, J = 10, Q = 11, K = 12 on a board. They pair up and shuffle the deck and deal the cards evenly — stacking them face down in front of them. Both players turn over their top card at the same time and multiply the two cards and shout the answer. The winner puts the cards in his or her winning pile. In case of a tie, players keep turning the cards until someone wins the pile. When the entire stack has been played, the winner has the most points.